51 A/B test ideas for improving your landingpage conversion rates

Landingpages are the workhorse of conversion optimization. Even a mediocre landingpage likely outperforms your homepage as the destination for incoming campaign traffic. But don’t stop there. Chances are there is plenty juice left to squeeze from your landingpage. All you need to do is test a few simple tweaks. Below are 101 ideas to get you started on your road to being crowned King of Conversion:


  1. Portrait versus Landscape
    A landscape orientation can be more visually appealing, but a portrait orientation offers more space for detail
  2. Reduce navigation
    Avoid users getting distracted by reducing the navigation elements
  3. Number of columns
    Try a single column layout with a big visual against a two-column layout with the image on one side and the copy on the other
  4. Short versus long page
    Try a reduced short page with just the key information against a very long page with tons of detail
  5. Mirror the page horizontally
    Try mirroring all the page elements. This can dramatically change the reading pattern
  6. Try a dark versus a light background
    For landingpages try if a black or very dark background helps or hurts conversion
  7. Color scheme
    Experiment with the color scheme. Try red hues (more aggressive) versus blue (professional) and green (fresh).
  8. Contrast
    Try highlighting important areas of the page with colors that have a higher contrast


  1. Change your headline
    Try an objective versus an emotional headline. Try a benefit- versus a feature-oriented headline. Try a short versus a long headline.
  2. Change the size and color of your headline
    Try making the headline bigger, or changing it from black to another color from your color scheme
  3. Add a subline
    Add another one or two lines of explanatory copy below your headline in a smaller font
  4. State the benefits in a bullet list
    Add a bullet list with all the benefits your user has
  5. Mix the items in the bullet list
    Try swapping out items you perceive as weak and add different items
  6. Change the order of the items in the bullet list
    The first and the last item in a bullet list are most-read. Experiment to find which items have the biggest impact on conversion
  7. Paragraphs versus bullet lists
    Instead of a bullet list, see if a paragraph that describes the benefits works better
  8. Highlight text by bolding it
    Bold words that are important. Try bolding them in a way that they make sense if the reader looks only ad the bolded text
  9. Experiment with font size
    Try increasing the size of the font you use for the body copy
  10. Amount of information
    Try increasing or decreasing the amount of textual information you offer on the page


  1. Wording of the call-to-action
    Try a variety of different calls-to-action like: Try now, Try it free, Free trial, Start your trial, Get it now, etc.
  2. Size of the call-to-action
    Try increasing the size of your call-to-action button (and make sure that it looks like a button users can click)
  3. Color of the call-to-action
    Try red, green or blue
  4. Addendum to the call-to-action
    Specify more details in small print next to the button itself. Examples dould be “It’s free”, the size of a downloadable file, the ease of the opt-out process etc.
  5. Repeat the call-to-action
    Repeat the call-to-action as a text link in the copy


  1. Include a hero image
    Include a big image matching your offer
  2. Stock image versus original image
    Try if a high quality stock image or a photo you produce with in-house means works better
  3. Add screenshots
    Add 3-5 screenshots of your offer and make sure they can be opened as full size versions
  4. Offer a preview
    If applicable offer a sneak peek at what’s inside
  5. Use icons
    Spice up bullet lists or paragraphs with matching icons
  6. Illustrate what your product does
    Try an illustration of what your solution does versus a screenshot or photograph
  7. Test image versus video
    See if a short video leads to more conversions than an image
  8. Compare a person versus a product image
    See if the image of a real person improves conversion. Use images of your own staff or customers
  9. Change the viewing direction of people images
    If you have a photo of a real person, test if it works better if the look directly at the viewer or if they look towards the call-to-action
  10. Add image captions
    Add captions below images. People tend to read captions more than body text

Trust Elements

  1. Add logos of awards won
    If you have won an award, place its logo on the page. Experiment with location on the page
  2. Add review results
    Place review results from industry publications on the page. Lacking that, try asking for reviews from your customers and post those. You can also favorite positive tweets about your company and embed these
  3. Add statements from the press & high profile blogs
    If you have any, make sure you put them on the landingpage to build trust
  4. Add customer testimonials
    Try real images of customers plus a quote from them
  5. Add security logos
    Work on getting relevant security logos like TRUSTe or VeriSign
  6. Add membership logos
    A good example is the Better Business Bureau logo
  7. State the number of users
    Tell readers how many users/customers you have or how many people sign-up per month
  8. Include a customer logo bar
    Include the logos of your customers (if they’re well known in your niche or in general)


  1. Reduce the number of form fields
    Ask only for the information you really need
  2. Add immediate validation
    Tell the user that a field doesn’t validate immediately with AJAX
  3. Don’t restrict input formats
    Allow users to enter data in different formats. Take phone numbers as an example. 220550120 should work just as well as 220-550-120 or +1 220 550 120
  4. Allow users to navigate forms with the tab key
    Don’t force users to click each field
  5. Offer an incentive for filling out the form
    A free E-Book might help
  6. Add a privacy icon and tag line
    Add an icon of a lock and copy like “We value your privacy”


  1. Experiment with Pricing
    If you have influence on pricing you hold the key element to increasing conversion
  2. Offer something free on top
    Offer a free trial, a free consultation, an E-Book, etc.
  3. Add urgency with a limited offer
    Make the offer limited time only, or limit availability
  4. Change the offer
    Instead of asking users to try your product, ask them to download an E-Book, then use the far higher number of sign-ups to nurture users to the next level


I hope you’re able to put some of these ideas to good use. If you do, I’d very much like to hear about it! Send me a tweet with the hashtag #abideas. I’ve also started a Pinterest board with conversion test result screenshots and would be happy to include your results there.

What are conversion testing ideas that have worked well for you in the past? It would be great if you could add them in the comments below!

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